Most frequent questions and answers

Sailors Desk is a shared place for Digital Nomads to focus on work and enjoy their living. It’s a cozy coworking and coliving space that gathers a community of like-minded people who aim to inspire each other. 

Sailors Desk is in the island of Kerkennah. Kerkennah is 1 hour away by ferry from the city of Sfax, which is on the east coast of Tunisia. 

Lot of airlines’ flights land directly in Sfax. More airlines fly to Tunis the capital, Enfidha -the biggest airport- , Sousse and Monastir. These 5 airports are disposed in only 272 km so you have a lot of choice about where to land. We recommend you to land in Tunis Carthage Airport or Enfidha airport and take the train from there to reach the city of Sfax. Tunis Carthage Airport is 3 hours away to sfax and it costs 7€. Enfidha airport is 2 hours away from Sfax and it costs 3,5€.

From Sfax train station, you can reach the ferry station by 15 minutes of walking. http://www.sonotrak.tn/

It’s only 0.25€ to enjoy 1 hour of ferry in the mediterranean sea to reach Kerkennah. When landing, there are shared taxis and buses to take the landers. The bus will leave you 1 Km away from Sailors Desk. We’ll come and pick you up from there. We don’t recommend it as it can take more than one hour to reach us. The most comfortable way is  to pick a taxi and ask him to take you to Sailors Desk. The shared taxi will cost you 2€/person. The private taxi will cost you around 6€/person.

The Tunisian  currency is the Tunisian Dinar (DT).

Exchange rates are around 2.7dt for 1€, 3dt for 1£, and 2.4dt for $1. Dinars can only be obtained within Tunisia. The cheapest way to get the currency is to withdraw using your Visa or MasterCard account from one of the many ATMs at any airport you’re landing in. In The Island, ATMs are available in the central village, which is 10 minutes driving.

After the revolution, Tunisia has faced some insecure time. Now, Tunisia is safer than ever. In fact, lots of efforts and resources have been set to prevent any security issue. All of these measures that Tunisian government is putting is to rise Tunisian economy. Tourism is an important segment of the economy, and the government is very serious about our guests’ safety.

Tunisia is a very tolerant Muslim country. The island is not a known touristic spot, but people are enjoying living without disturbing them other so Swimsuits and bikinis are very normal on the beach. Summer clothes are perfect but bring winter clothes for the winter nights, as it can get windy.

Tunisian food is very various. it’s influenced by all the cultures present in the country. Lots of dishes are inspired from the berberian, eastern, mediterranean and Turkish cultures.


Sailors Desk is in a calm and touristic part in the island where there are no main cafés or restaurants. However, in Sailors Desk, breakfast is included and we have a pizza, sandwich and salad bar where you can order your food and have it beside our pool. We also organize community lunches to gather all our guests together around a delicious Tunisian meal.


If you are vegetarian, vegan or if you have any other dietary requirements, you’ll be more than satisfied. Lots of figs, prickly pears, grapes, and date trees are around and are growing up without any single chemical treatment. Kerkennah is proudly one biological and natural island where you can not worry about that. It’s the perfect way to enjoy biological fruits. Also let us know if you have special needs, we’ll definitely take care of it.

The Island is a sailor island, therefore alcohol is a part of their lifestyle. However, selling alcohol is not allowed in all shops, like in any Muslim country. Alcohol is sold in Alcohol shops and touristy bars and restaurants. We can count you in when buying groceries, if needed. On demand, we can also bring you palm tree, grapes and prickly pear liqueur traditionally made from natives.

Tunisian voltage is the same than european standard. Don’t worry about it, just make sure that it can handle 220 voltage with 50 Hz frequency.

You do not need any vaccinations to visit Tunisia. There is a well stocked day and night pharmacies in the central village where you can buy any medicine you need.  A hospital equipped with helicopter for emergency case is also in the central village.

Tunisia is a sunny country. The sun here is shining from February to December 15th. The island provide a continuous gentle breezes therefore temperature cannot be high in the shadow.

The coworking is in the first floor with a sea side view and two terraces to work in. It’s equiped with reliable internet, coffee and water corner and offering an inspiring environment to focus on work.

It can fit up to 8 coworkers inside and more counting our two terraces.

We are starting the co-living space with 4 rooms. Every room can fit 2 people and can be booked as a shared double room or a single room. Every two rooms are sharing bathroom facilities. All these rooms share an outside kitchen with washing machine for the laundry.

Sailors Desk is anchored just in front of the beach, don’t think that much just go there and enjoy the virgin sea that mother nature is offering.